Monday, May 2, 2011

place pretty things in front of your camera

Well, we finally had great light, good weather, and I had a day to go and photograph. But why, do you ask, did I feel defeated? Well, the old saying still applies; “in order to take pretty pictures, place pretty things in front of your camera.” The greenery of the trees has not been told it is spring yet (neither has the weather) so there were no great green pretty things to photograph. I guess I had a photo in my head of looking into the light, with a great green tree and great green leaves in there somewhere. I didn’t find that, and therefore I had a really hard time finding anything that made me smile when the shutter clicked…except maybe the deer that made me wish I was caring a telephoto lens with me. Oh well, I guess I will be looking for green as soon as it decided to show itself.

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