Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Urbana 12 Photography - when not shooting video

I was able to shoot some photos this Urbana.  Even though my main role was to follow some students through the conference (when that video is available, I will post it here too) but there were some times I was able to shoot photos instead.

I had hoped to do both photography and video at Urbana...but I am slowly realizing why I can't do this successfully the way I want.  The way I shoot both photography and video is about capturing moments to tell a story. I focus intently on creating photos and video sequences that doesn't let me take a step back to do both at the same time.  You would think that they are similar enough to just do both, but that is not the case.  Most of the time, I make it work by consciously shooting video for a while, then switching camera systems and shoot stills for a bit.  Or, in the case of Swaziland,  when I am the director of a video shoot, where someone else is running camera I can focus on stills.

Being a photographer also allows me to engage a little more with what I am shooting, maybe it is because with photography I am working at one frame, but with video it is a series of frames to tell the story.