Sunday, August 31, 2008

berry picking with Sarah and Becky

Its that time of year again where we venture to a local farm and pick their crop. You would think that since we do all the work we would get them for free but they still like to charge us, and because Sarah and Becky were in such great moods after picking berries they paid up. It was a lot of fun too, they give you a pint container and you go and fill it with whatever berries you like. This is the same farm that we went apple picking at last year and will probably return again to again before winter. Its called da Eplegaarden (and it helps if you say it with a Norwegian accent)

Technical jumbo: only took one lens (wide/normal) and really tried to work the angles. BDE exposed for the sun and left it…same thinking and exposure as last post too…but this time I had a polarizer.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

farmers market light perpective

I was walking around farmers market today with Sarah and we realized that it will soon be winter and all this will be gone…sad times.

I have taken my camera to farmers market many times, but never really got anything that I like. I tried the people photography thing and was to shy, I tried the details thing but the images looked like everyone else’s. This time I tried to just look for light, I asked myself, “where were the shafts of light pouring its goodness over” and photographed that. I also decided to only take a wide lens that makes things “look bigger” when you get really close (inches) to them, it also has the side effect of being wide enough to allow a bit of the background to stay in the image. I liked the results.

More images can be found here!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

more light painting

Steve Salt ( and I went out light Painting the other night. It is crazy that you can spend a couple hours out in a field, running around like crazy chickens and only come away with a couple images...

Most of the light you see is from our flashlights, but I also decided to set up a couple strobes (camera flashes) behind the trees to add in more light. The moving light streams are Steve’s flashlight and the reason you can see me in one of the images is because Steve “painted” me with his flashlight.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

after the storm

It’s been a while…a while since I have both taken and posted nature shots. Well here we are, a great evening for shooting and I wasn’t at all motivated…until after my loving wife “encouraged me” to go out after an evening storm and see if there were any rainbows. There were no rainbows but there was some great light. (I have been looking for this light, sunset quality with a background that is either in the shade or dark storm clouds) We had previously gone to Pope Farm Park and noticed the great overlook and the stunning sunflowers so it was an easy decision to return.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jenni and Aaron

I felt like I was photographing basically every little girls dream.
Thanks guys, it was easy and fun to photograph you two.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Emily and Jon

Tons of FUN!!! From West side to East side...and back again we covered a lot of ground and had a lot of fun driving in a door-less Jeep, struttin' our stuff on the terrace and hanging out on the roof at sunset. Thanks guys, total blast.