Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bosnia - taste of the place

It has been 10 years since I was in Bosnia and Herzegovina last. This country holds a very significant placeholder in the narrative that has become my life.  This is the place where I was first faced with the reality of a global God, and not just the idea of it. This was the place where I realized I wanted to do something for the Kingdom. This was the place where photography became more than just snapshots, but a way of expressing myself. And this was the place where I decided that when I get home I want to get to know one of the girls on the team, a girl that is now my wife.

I was able to finally revisit Bosnia for a video project (well 4 actually videos) a couple weeks ago, where I learned more about myself, my craft, and this place.

More images and stories to come, but these are the images I set out to capture that reminds me of the feel of the place. Bosnia is rich in history, religious identity, beauty, juxtaposition...and coffee.