Friday, August 21, 2009

family wedding

Over the weekend I attended my first wedding in quite a while. It was actually more difficult than I thought to just sit and enjoy. Is it a bad sign to automatically check the light conditions in the venue and constantly be wondering where the bride ran off to? Luckily I was not shaking my head at the photographer, she was always ready for the shot and worked to get in the right spot, it makes me want to see the images.

But enough about my feelings…this was the wedding of my cousin-in-law (Sarah’s cousin, mothers side) who got married an hour away. The added bonus was that we not only got to spend time with Sarah’s Mom and Dad but also her Aunt, Uncle and Grandma from Idaho. It was neat to see Mom-in-law with her sisters, interact with Sarah’s devious Uncle and visit with Grandma.

I guess you might say that I learned a lot about Sarah by meeting (albeit, a small portion) of her extended family. I think we will definitely try and make it out to Idaho next year for the annual Thaete family reunion.

They followed us over to Madison after the wedding for a little tour of our neighborhood.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Kelly is a friend of Areanna, I first met Kelly at her Prom Portraits. If you can't tell, Kelly likes to have a little fun, which keeps me on my toes and also makes for great photography.