Sunday, March 13, 2016

Shooting film - because it is better

I have been shooting a single role of medium format film for the past 8 months. (Kodak TMax 400, 120 film, for those that want to know.) Here are all 15 exposures on that role of film.

This all started during a long e-mail conversation with a friend of my dads. at some point in the conversation, I mentioned how I have always loved the look of medium format slides that we have in our work archives. A couple weeks later, an entire Mamiya 645 1000s kit (4 lenses too!) showed up at my door. 

Shooting film has been a lesson in the basics. Not as much exposure, but intentionally. I really think about shots before I hit the shutter. not just because each frame costs money, but of how much work it takes to get that frame back.

And that is why film is better. I never said at what, mind you. At least for me, film is better at making me think about the frames I am getting, and to be supper intentional about the shutter release.

Film is not better at image quality, I will say that. In fact, I used a digital camera to digitize these images (more on that later) but what it is better at (from a quality stand point) is dynamic range (more on that later too).

I made a huge mistake here at the end. I was unaware that i had to seal the film once it was done. I was puzzled that there was nothing to seal the film after it was on the spool. I found out later that i had to lick a flap of paper to activate the glue (think mailing envelope) to keep the spool tight. i did not do this. Therefore, there was substantial light leakage at the end here. But to be honest, i thought i would have lost a lot more than I did. Also there are odd Kodak watermarks through the images...not sure if that is the film developer (therefore not my fault0 or if it is another side effect of the sealing failure on my part.

I hope I have more to come about this project, and at least 3 more roles to shoot and share.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

15 hour layover

On a recent trip for work, guess where I had a 15 hour layover?

Dubai is like Los Vegas...without the debauchery.

And the mall that I visited was 3 times bigger than the one I am used to here at home. And that is just one of the 4 floors.

After 15 days of foreign food (that was good by the way) I was craving something more familiar.

I think the next time I am there I will have to try and find the indoor ski resort. But just walking around and taking in the sites was enough for one evening.

Friday, July 24, 2015

EAA Airshow

I don't think I have been to an airshow since I was in elementary school. So having the "stars align" (and a very gracious wife) landed me at EAA this year. A friend has been trying to get me to go for quite a while, but with 2 young kids we always had other forces pulling us away. Of course I took my camera, but I was really trying to take in the sites first, a discipline I always need to work on.

If you live in the mid-west, and like a good show, EAA is hard to beat...actually some would say it is the best in the world. Not sure the best flying show, but the best display of working airplanes (historic war-birds to modern "homebuilds" and a lot of Experimental Aircraft in between) and amazing culture of flying is definitely world class.  It was like Disneyland for kids with their planes.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

great light, darn mosquitoes, and film

Over the weekend I was able to connect with an old fried as we walked the Arboretum and talked photography. But I was torn, I wanted to keep shooting (I don't get out much these days) but I also wanted to run back to the car, I was getting eaten alive. There has to be a reason that God created mosquitoes...other than to test my patience. I understand the existence of ants, spiders, and snakes...but not of mosquitoes. I must be more susceptible to them because John wasn't as bothered. 

These last 2 images have me excited. Not because of these images but because of the FILM images that I took along side them. I am borrowing a friends medium format film camera and I just fired off 2 frames. It totally changes your perspective and I think about my shots more with film. Not just because I only have 15 frames in a roll or I can't see the image to know I got it, but because it actually costs money every time the shutter fires. Though, is a different way, it is a lot more satisfying. Looking forward to the results.