Wednesday, May 4, 2011

lincoln logs

OK, so I don’t really have anything to post…last week was a week of recovery and rest from a difficult (mostly mentally taxing) week of shooting video. So you get a photo of my first attempt at Lincoln Logs. Sarah and I were milling around an estate sale and found these, when she found out that I only had Lego’s growing up (slightly cooler) she made me try it unassisted.

Photographically, I fought down the urge to bring out the big lights and make sure my first log cabin was documented right…instead I opted for an on camera flash, bounced up and to my right because there was a big white wall there. I first metered for ambient and used the flash to fill in the shadows on my side of the masterpiece. I think the flash was shot TTL and dialed down around -1 or so, I just took different options until it looked good.

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