Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jon and Mary

UW Football

I guess we are true Wisconsinites now! We have been to our first Badger Football Game.
Oh it was a slaughter, Northern Illinois University lost one of their own men on the kickoff (a bad enough knee injury to bring out the paramedics, ouch) and 4 downs later Wisconsin scored the first of many, ending in a 44-3 victory. But that wasn’t the best part, watching all these crazy people in red (you get “booed” if you don’t wear red) singing songs, executing complicated cheers, a multi-speed - multi-direction “wave” and much more…it was a lot of fun. Hope some of the photos let you know what you missed!! Thanks to Kristen for the great tickets!!

Fall Colors

So living in the Midwest does have its advantages to California. We actually have color on the trees out here, and lots of it. It is really hard to drive because I am not only looking at all the trees instead of the road but I also want to stop every 5 minutes to take pictures. My newest thing is to look for large amounts of contrast and backlighting.

I hope you enjoy these pics.

Technical: I used several different lenses for many of these shots, depending on what I took with me or what shoot I was on. One thing I have come to appreciate more though is the use of my telephoto zoom. I used to use this lense different, but lately I have loved to use it for leaves on trees... or in other words, things that are fairly close to me instead of things far away. I have been experimenting more with it and utilizing the compression effects and out of focus look I can so easily get with it. There was a time I almost sold this thing too. I think it was Galen Rowell that stated the most used lenses in his lineup are a light, fixed wide angle and a telephoto zoom.