Thursday, February 26, 2009

bangkok teaser

Bangkok was amazing…that is all I can say right now for several reasons, the most being the fact my brain (and stomach) is somewhere over Alaska (see image below) and I am still processing a lot of what I saw.

One of my biggest goals/prayers was that I would tell Gods story on this trip. I feel that He chuckled at this and decided to blow me away with what he is doing there…now I have to sort through all the crap that I captured to weed out what God showed me…both photographically and emotionally.

The following images are the first two I developed. The first is somewhere over Alaska…or Canada I have no idea. The second was one of the last days, and the best meal I had there. Before going, I read that the street food is the best food there, this meal was made at several houses in one of the slums that we were shooting in. It was the tastiest and spiciest Thai that I have had yet; all Thai food that I eat from now on will be compared to this. The food wasn’t the only thing that I consumed that day; the company around a meal is half the experience. And yes mom, we ate on the floor.

Since this was near the end of our trip I had hit a physical and emotional wall that morning, but this meal re-energized me like no meal ever has…in fact now that I look back, there were several meals that woke me up mentally and emotionally that allowed me to keep seeking shots and stories through the trip.

Thank you God, you are amazing!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

recent videos

Before I head to Bangkok, Thailand; I wanted to leave you with an update of my recent work at 2100. These videos (and more on Vimeo here) were part of the larger program at the recent Grad and Faculty Conference that InterVarsity put on. You can even hear some of the talks that N.T. Wrtight and others gace at the conference at

These videos were focused on individuals and how they see their professions working in the kingdom.

Human Flourishing 1 from twentyonehundred productions on Vimeo.

Human Flourishing 2 from twentyonehundred productions on Vimeo.

Human Flourishing 3 from twentyonehundred productions on Vimeo.

Monday, February 9, 2009

kelsey and luke

just walkin' arround

Because I had to take Sarah to a meeting in the morning I thought that I could also get out and take some photos. So I did. Just walked around enjoying the fact that I was not freezing...but actually a little warm! 34 degrees is great weather, esp. after single digits. And I wanted an excuse to get used to the gear I am thinking of taking on an overseas trip.