Monday, November 30, 2009

thanksgiving 2009

Since Sarah and I moved to Wisconsin 3 years ago, we have not made it back for the holidays yet. This would have been our 4th Thanksgiving away from family, but we couldn’t have had that, so we trekked out to Cali. We decided to try out LA’s public transit, and after we figured out the correct bus and train combination, it was quite enjoyable…and not sitting in traffic made us want to try it again. It doesn’t help that my mom works at the train station we pulled into. As always, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Pomegranate Blueberry Tea Latte is always a draw for Sarah.

Our 1st thanksgiving was at my parents. Great to see the folks, eat pie (my first actually, I have always been allergic) cook with my older brother (sorry no photo, I was chippin’ away), and see grandma.

Our 2nd thanksgiving was down in San Diego area, met my cousin’s baby, ate Tur-Qua-Sant (turkey/quail/pheasant…really good actually) and watched the sunset over the Pacific.

Our 3rd thanksgiving had us at Sarah’s parents. Here we had a rest from Turkey and ate tri-tip; for those that don’t know about California’s perfect cut of steak you are missing out. Oh and we set up for Christmas since all the “kids” were in town and technically it was the start of the Christmas season.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

more Christiana

This weekend was Kat’s B-day…so more opportunity for Christiana pictures! I could waste an entire 8-gig card on this kid. I think she is starting to get used to me though, she sure ignored me quite a bit when I was taking her pictures.