Thursday, July 29, 2010

world photo walk

Normally, I do not like “photo walking.” I just don’t like walking with 50 other people photographing the same things. But this year’s World Photo Walk was different. I think I just went into it with a different attitude, sure when I saw someone photographing something I did tend to turn the other way, but I had fun talking to people, seeing how others may see the same thing and networking. I guess I just need to relax and not take myself so seriously.

It was also really freeing to not carry a ton of photographic equipment, forcing myself to see with just one lens. I was reminded though, that the photos that bring me the most “life” are ones with people in them, so I enjoyed it when we made our way to more populated areas at the end. But I did force myself to talk to strangers more, since I like photographing people I might as well ask people if I can take their portrait, right? [Maybe more on that later.]

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