Sunday, July 4, 2010

more fireworks

I am not sure why, but Madison WI doesn't really do fireworks on the 4th, but the days prior.  That is why yesterday I had fireworks from the 2nd, and today I have fireworks from the 3rd.

Sarah and I didn't want to tangle with all the crowds so we thought to head up to a favorite overlook and see what we could find.  To our surprise, we saw a very good (and expensive) local "community" fireworks show near us.

About 10 miles away was the largest fireworks show in the Midwest: Rhythm and Booms.  Someone had a radio out playing the music and it was amazing how synced it was! It might have been the delayed "booms" from previous years but we never noticed how great it was before.  (These are heavily cropped, I do not have a 500mm lens...yet.)

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Steve Salt said...

Overtime and holiday pay are significant drawbacks to a special event on a holiday. Which is why Elver Park was moved back (usually on the 4th, the new sponsor, Woodman's, wouldn't pay for that kinda dough, and i don't blame them).

Not sure what R&B's rationale is, it's always the Saturday before the 4th, this year, the 3rd, some years it's in june! I guess to not compete with parades and other displays in small towns around us.

that being said, love the fill light on the people sitting and watching. nicely done.