Thursday, July 22, 2010

camping 2 - Canoeing the Kickapoo

While Camping at Wild Cat Mountain, we also braved the Kickapoo River. The city north of the park claims to be the canoe capitol of the Kickapoo, and with their many rental places stacked up next to each other, we saw why. Advice if you are thinking of doing it anytime during the summer: make reservations, or risk them being sold out. We happened to go early enough that we got some canoes, but when we returned all of the lots were full. Sarah and I were fortunate to be the only canoe of our group to not flip, fortunate because I was stupid enough to take my camera along.


Steve Salt said...

That first photo is epic!

What was your protection plan (of your camera) during the canoeing?

M. S. Kirk said...

well, the plan WAS to use a dry bag...but that was not as fast as i needed to even get shots, so i had it in my lap with an extra lens in the dry bag, the plan was to raise it above my head if i even fell in. The water was only knee deep anyway. But that was stupid i know. If i could, i think a hard case would be ideal because you can get in and out faster.