Tuesday, August 3, 2010

stranger portraits

During the same weekend as the World Photo Walk I made it a point to photograph strangers…by getting their permission first. Yes, I have had refusals but that is expected, surprisingly I get more approvals though. Also, I have yet to have anyone refuse with a disgruntled attitude, so I am not sure why I am so afraid of approaching people. One of my recent refusals though was still enlightening; I approached and struck up a conversation a young couple, soon I asked if I could take their portrait, they refused. But quickly after refusing, they thanked me for asking, I guess a lot of people photograph them and move on, like a zoo, but no one interacts with them. I found out they are homeless. Yes there is a bigger social issue here but for photographers we have an amazing opportunity, with our cameras and stories we tell, to engage and talk to people; but it is funny how we usually use it as a shield. I tried to break that in me, here are a couple results from the Farmers Market and the World Photo Walk:

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