Sunday, July 11, 2010

remember your polarizer, matt

Saw these clouds from the parking ramp ( for those in Cali, that is Midwest speak for Parking Garage) at Black Hawk Church. I usually forget my polarizer at home but happened to have it with me today, so I threw it on and remembered why I used to carry this with me everywhere, dang what a difference it makes. Below are both shots, with and without the polarizer.

A polarizer is not just for making blue skies bluer, they are great for reflections in lakes, windows and drops of water. Most people do not realize that in wet environments like after a rain or in heavy humidity, water drops on trees, the ground or whatever you photograph can create millions of points of glare that can be reduced with a polarizer making the image a lot more appealing.  The results of a polarizer can not be replicated in post, yes you can make a blue sky "bluer", but not in the same way.

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