Monday, December 10, 2012

first snow - and a little philosophy

We finally had our first snow, little late but we will take it.  It is funny how before it snows, I want the great white stuff to fall for interesting photo opportunities  but after...I just feel like it can be very...blegh.  I guess you still need good light to make it work.

But I still decided to go out, despite the fact that I thought the images would turn out like they did.  Also decided to call a friend to torture tag along with.  Dan and I talked a little bit about how to expose for snow, and a little about composition, but very quickly we started talking about what is a good image.  Many times, other people seem to like some of our photos that we ourselves do not see as our best. We started talking about how everyone brings their own personal experiences when they view your photos.  Many times reading into an image with more than what was intended.  And conversely how people may not see what you saw.

I was trying not to feel depressed (weather didn't help) but soon realized that it doesn't really matter what everyone thinks about my photography.  Especially the photography that I do for my own enjoyment.  I starting thinking about what I do like, and what does make me think.  After the photo below, I remembered I still like a human element in my photos.  For me it grounds the location with a scale and shows the meaning of the place.  But that is just my philosophy on photography.

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