Saturday, December 22, 2012

more snow and better light

In a recent post, I went to take photos in the snow and was disappointed.  Since then, we have received over 20 inches of fresh heavy white stuff...but more importantly, we had good light.  The dull, cloudy day that I had before made an already flat looking landscape (because of the white on white) even flatter.  With direct light (especially from the side) we now have dimension and depth because we have highlights and shadows.

I think I still like a human element in my photos though.

Lesson learned: mix a little fresh snow (so it is still on the trees) with some good light, and your photos will look more like the scene you remember.  The great thing about winter here in the upper Midwest, is that even when it is 12:00, the sun is still low enough to be pleasing!  But the sooner you get out in the day, the more the snow will be fresh.

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