Saturday, December 8, 2012

hike challenge - shoot like its film

Digital is a great tool, and probably one of the reasons I am still into photography.  I love that it doesn't cost $0.40 each time the shutter fires, so I can ditch 80% of my my photos without cringing.  But sometimes I have found myself machine-gunning away and "choosing the best photo" later.  Not entirely bad (sometimes) but not entirely good either.  So I revisited a practice I once had, a more methodical and intentional approach to photography.  Emma and I took a hike in the morning and I decided to bring along my camera and treat it as it if had film in it.  Here is EVERY photo I took...usually I only display 80-90%.

This was an exercise in craft, not an attempt to create the best body of work that I could.  (Keep in mind, I had a 4 month old on my back too.)  So these will not be heading to the portfolio...but I might have learned something in the process, and that was really the point

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