Wednesday, December 7, 2011

sarah's kitchen

This last thanksgiving, Sarah made everything.  And she wanted to.  It was clear who was in charge in the kitchen.  I think she had a little fun.

But that is not why I am showing you these images..

Photographically, this was a major moment for me.  I had decided to limit myself to using one small wide prime lens and letting the composition lead the photo...not my gear.  This meant putting a 24mm f2.8 on a full frame camera, even though it is "not as sharp as other lenses."  I have talked about using less equipment here so I won't again...but this was so much fun.  I sat in one spot with the camera in my face for a while and waited for the elements to align correctly (people,) expressions to be great (faces,)  and a moment to arise (a look or a gesture.)  More on that here.

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heathbarj said...

2 words.
Camera nerd.

But I stI'll like you.