Wednesday, December 14, 2011

macro for a new perspective

If I am going to stay in one location for a while, I know that I will end up getting bored.  Well, bored is not the right word, I will become familiar with the location and need a change of perspective.  Since I see photographically more than I think I want to admit, macro photography is a great way for me to look at my surroundings different.  One afternoon when I was feeling a bit "familiar" with my surroundings, I grabbed the macro and walked around outside...a total of about 35 yards in just under an hour looking for little hidden perspectives.

Here is a little explanation, although I didn't use flash this time...but now that I think about it, it would have added an extra element that I think could have kept me out photographing longer and possible create some compelling images.


steve lokker said...

Now I want a Macro...oh, wait. I think I had one once. Very nice pictures, Mr. Kirk.

Garrett Hubbard said...

I'm loving the way you're seeing beauty.Thanks for sharing.