Friday, December 9, 2011

camera button friday: bad weather photo

I have talked before about how light is important to photography.  It may seam that I am about to contradict myself, but hear me out.  Sometimes, bad weather (not necessarily bad light) can create really great photography.  My favorite is dense fog but heavy snow or rain can add a lot of drama.  The trick is getting out in it and then keeping your gear dry.

I was reminded of this at our recent Thanksgiving Cabin Adventure; there was a some interesting weather that made photography more fun.

Yes the fog and the rain doesn't show up a lot in these photos, but it does make for a unique mood that I tend to like better. (Especially when the landscape looks so dead.)  Having the great beautiful light can makes your landscape shots look like the front of a calendar, nothing wrong with that, but sometimes I really like the unexpected and moody feel of foul weather photography.

So this is not a contradiction, I still think good light is very important to photography.  Believe it or not there is great light here.  It is very diffused (because of the clouds) and therefore extremely soft.  Just be careful including the sky...and if you do, be ok with it becoming a white blanket.

(post processing hint: you may need to really boost your contrast and saturation.)

Just for kicks, here are a couple images from last year that fall into this category.

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Anonymous said...

Matt, love your Images, Always, Aunt Priscilla =i=