Monday, October 24, 2011

portraits - family of 6

Taking portraits of people is a lot of fun, and I will be honest, shows how much control I have over my subjects. I do not mean this too sadistically (mwhaahaahaa) but more that people actually listen to my suggestions and trust that I know what I am going to make them look good.  

This is not meant to make a point about my ego but to set up this portraits session as different: four young boys and a set of parents that know they only have limited control.  I adopted more of a formula that saught to capture candid moments more than pose the family.  To do this we walked around a park and reacted to what heppened.

My main goal when heading out to create portraits for the Johnson's was to try and get them all in one frame; smiling and generally looking like they tolerate each other.  I was able to fake a couple poses but for the most part it was more about jockeying my position to see each face.  It also helps to shoot a ton so that maybe all of their expressions would be on the pleasing side.

Looking back, I realize how much fun we all actually had.  At first they all tried to act like good little boys but soon they reverted to their fun ways of boyhood dominance, revelry, and survival...which is fun once you know you have a couple images in the bag and you can start taking more risks with your photography.

There is something mystical about being let into a family's space to capture their intimate and real lives.  I felt this with the Johnson's.  I guess this is proof that they opened up to me as well.  Thanks guys.


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