Wednesday, October 26, 2011

flying in a small plane

Heath and I bartered for his family portraits...well, our wives did at least.  Sarah had the brilliant idea that for an hour (or so) portrait session, I could go riding in Heath's plane for an hour (or so.)  I think I came out ahead in this one!

I have never flown in a small plane, and yes it was small: a 4 seater Cessna (I don't really want to call that a "back seat area" though, they were smaller the back seat of my old VW Bug from college.)  We were airborne before I really felt like we were at speed and climbing without the normal "slam-you-into-the-back-of-your-seat-acceleration" that is typical to a passenger jet.

I really thought we would be thrown around a lot by turbulence (or the wind for that manner) and except for a few times, it was really smooth.  It was also great to see places around town that I only know from the ground. From the air I felt like I could understand the scene I was looking at better, like I was looking at an object from more than one side at a time.

I did start to feel a bit queezy after about 30 minutes, now this was not all related to the movement of the plane but more so to the fact that I was looking in many directions (like to the side and behind me) through a narrow viewfinder and not looking up enough to get my barrings.  Lets just say that I took a lot less photos the second half of the trip.  But it was still amazing just to look.

I can see why this can be a great passion and addictive for many.  A while ago, Sarah said that I should try and find a new hobby that doesn't have to do with cameras or computers...would this count?

I had a ton of fun, would love to do it again (without the feeling sick part of course) and am thankful to Heath for the great ride!  


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Andy Moore said...

That looks like an amazing experience, and I love the photos (as usual) too!