Friday, October 21, 2011

cedar campus promo video

Earlier in the summer, I was able to visit Cedar Campus; one of InterVarsity's Training and Retreat Centers in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  I will not go off on the beauty but let you just see it.  Here is the promo video for the Camp that we made:

This is actually one of the first videos that I have created that successfully used both stills and video as a story telling mechanism (well, other than when I have been forced to by lack of footage.)  Most of the time I am focusing on gathering video and telling the story, so I am not able to create good images, but this trip I also had Mike to capture video (including the cameras mounted to boats!) so I was able to dabble in both.  In this case, I feel the photos captured moments and showed the beauty that is different than video.  But the Video also captures an essence that stills can not...both are complimentary in this sense.

My favorite photos I took can also be seen here


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