Friday, September 30, 2011

Camera Button Friday: its all about perspective

In photography, there are 2 main ingredients to an image: Light and Composition.  More on Light here, but this is about composition.  By definition, composition is how things are aligned (more on that here) but your perspective (where you are and what you see) is just as imposrtant.  Getting your camera into an interesting location can sometimes be 50% of the shot...

This video it is 90% location.

I am not saying you need to become an astronaut to get good photos but the idea is there.  For the rest of us here on earth, it may take a little more creativity:

  • Don't take photos at eye level
  • Look behind you
  • Intentionally put yourself in the 'rough'
  • Find a good foreground and shoot over/through it
  • Get closer
  • Back up to include more context 
I know the last two are inconsistent but hear me out, many times taking a step back can add perspective or context to the scene, this has been a new way for me to show more about the 'story' of an image.

In short, look for a different perspective than the 'normal.'

(There is also an element of the unexpected.)

Play, explore and do something different.


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