Tuesday, September 6, 2011

frustration in the forest

In a recent series of hikes in the woods, I became VERY frustrated with my photography.  Nothing was coming out as I was seeing, envisioning or even hoping.  This even after I wrote about how to photograph in the woods here.

I was so intent of finding the great shot (or creating it) that I was duped and blind.  I knew how to shoot, I know how to see light, I know how to implement complicated exposure calculations, and I know how to press the shutter button…but I couldn't make a photo.

I felt like everything that I was capturing had been captured before and therefore was not a good photo.  I felt like I had done this before, where is the ‘amazing?’

I tried carrying all my lenses, I tried only caring one, and nothing seemed to free my mind.  I was so worrying about what I was not getting that I didn’t see and enjoy what I was getting.

There may be a life lesson in here somewhere.

Now that I have time to look at these images apart from the experience, I see they are not that bad.


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