Friday, September 23, 2011

camera button friday: story

I know, I am cheating by re posting images from 2 days ago...but for a purpose.

The other day I was talking with a writer about photography.  Trying to relate to what she knows, I connected photography to story telling (well at least the basics of story telling, think like a 5th grader now.)  In a story, you can start with an introduction of the scene that sets the stage, you then introduce characters and their relation to the scene.  You may draw out more details or interactions before you state a conclusion or result of the interaction.  Bonus points to the best stories that have conflict and resolution, usually told by juxtaposition of two elements or a character with their environment.

Here is a VERY simple photographic story, with similar elements of the above.  (If you really search, you can find the is in the desire to fill the empty bag with deliciousness.)

For a writer, or anyone who understands the complexities of story telling, this may be way to simple and childlike for you.  That is ok.  But do go out and try it.  The complexities of the actual photograph and the imagination of the viewer add in all the details that writers add with words.

Story telling is simplest in photography with a series of 3-7 images but the masters can do it in one!


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