Monday, September 12, 2011

new flashlight - new lightpainting

I tried my hand at Lightpainting again recently.  Both because I have not done it in a while as well as the fact I just picked up a 2 Million Candlepower flashlight!

[These look bigger when you click on them to make them bigger]

Lightpainting is basically when you set your camera to have a long exposure (like 15-30 seconds) and then use your flashlight to paint the scene.  Wherever your flashlight lights up the scene your camera see that part of the scene...and only that part.  The trick is to to create enough light (but not to much,) create even light (but no hot spots,) make it look natural enought to not feel like a street light (therefore paint unevenly,) and not catch yourself in the shot (wearing black and not pointing the light towards the camera help.)  Mostly it is a game of trying, looking at the LCD, laughing, and trying again and again.



Kylene said...

hey matt! that last shot is awesome. how long did you run your exposure to get those bright stars?

M. S. Kirk said...

The thing with stars is that you need a really fast lens (aperture) and/or a high ISO value. If you have a long shutter speed you actually start to see the star trails. I think this was only 20 seconds but at a really high ISO value to let a lot of light in.

Good Question Ky!