Wednesday, June 2, 2010

devils lake with friends

I think it was a 2 years ago this last weekend when we first visited Devils Lake. We tried it again this weekend as we joined most of Wisconsin in the traditional Memorial Day trek to the great outdoors. Luckily it was overcast and threatening rain so no one was there…until we headed back down the “mountain” when the sun broke to find the parking lot jam packed. It was the same park but felt very different from the last time I went during the week (here) and I was not alone this time, several of us from IV decided to give it a try.

On one of our descents we all felt like we were about to fall so we took a rest, and what better time than now to take a group photo so I tried something I have not done before with flashes. (For those that care, two bare strobes at 45 degrees on the ground, maybe next time I will carry up my light stands) I am not sure if I like it but it was worth a try.


Christine said...

Matt, just wanted to let you know that last picture is amazing. The light - and the melodrama ;) - makes it look ... perfect. Like caricatures. And that background - what a view! I love following your blog, btw. It's so crazy seeing you develop as a photographer! I recently bought a new camera with points from my credit card, it's a point-and-shoot, but it's PINK. :D

Hope you and Sarah and well :)

Laura said...

let's not forget, one of us DID actually fall.

that last picture is hilarious! you look so sad!

Anonymous said...

Such beauty and color---how many shades of green does Wisconsin have?
Dad and I are laughing because Dad said "Now I see why when he comes to Calif. he says everything is so brown".
We think it is green now but it doesn't look like your green ;-}
Great photos Matty
Mom and Dad