Friday, June 4, 2010

back yard camping

Steve and family invited Sarah and I over for dinner the other week, we did the classic Wisconsin backyard Bar-B-Q that I guess includes camping in the backyard that night. Sarah and I have always been a little hesitant with the Brat thing, but these were the best we have had. And same with asparagus; man, soaking anything in enough oil/galic and grilling them can make even green things taste good! We had a ton of fun and I am glad I brought my camera (and using only a simple prime lens was again freeing.)

The next photo is proof that Nikon cameras (like mine) can be used by Canon photographers (like Steve)…but I digress.

Steve and I lead a photo group at black Hawk Church, this month we are talking about Light Painting again. (previous post here and here)  For this reason, and the fact it was a good opportunity, I tried it while Steve and his son got ready for bed camping that night. (Although, if you want to get picky, I used strobes and not flashlights because I didn’t bring any) The basic premise is that you leave you shutter open for quite a while to gather as much ambient as you can but this also gives you time to run around and light things up with your flashlight…or in this case a strobe.

The first one has Steve waving his flashlight around in the tent while I ran around firing my strobe at the trees. The second one has my strobe inside the tent firing down and the outside is a composite (taken from another photo) where I held the strobe off at a distance.

Thanks again Steve (and family) for having us over for a good time.

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Steve Salt said...

These are so cool. And, as photographer Ray Ketcham once said, "Just turned out that way for equipment, the stuff going on in my head isn’t brand specific."