Friday, June 6, 2008

Light Painting…in a grave yard…at midnight

Fin and I have said that we would try this Light Painting thing out sometime, last night decided to go to a local grave yard and see what we could come out with. After a lot of running around and almost tripping on grave stones, we were pretty happy for a first try. We also decided to head down to a marina near the lake…had a ton of fun at both places and learned a lot. All light, other than the sky (and lake reflecting the sky) is from a flashlight.

Technical: set up my wide angle lens on a tripod with a 30 second exposure (expose for sky, everything else goes black) and then ran around with a Mag Light trying to light up as much of the detail as I could in 30 seconds…plus lots of trial and error.


Steve Salt said...

My fav is the first canoe (with the clouds). Pristine. Nice mag light too. Did you white balance for the sky or incandescence...?

Anonymous said...

There are great photos. I am going out tonight to try this out.