Sunday, October 5, 2008

my new favorite image

Yes, I know I am biased but this is my new favorite image of my wife, It was taken at the da Eplegaarden (other post here) where we were going to meet other people, but the rain scared them all away, so Sarah and I decided to have a go at it despite the weather.

This weekend was also chalk full of other fun stuff too! Glenn turned 40 (finaly, he has been counting down now for over a year)

and went for the first (of many I hope) fall hike looking for color in the trees at Mirror Lake.

More Glenn photos here

More Mirror lake hiking pics here

More apple picking pics here

Technical: these were all events that I wanted to attend, and not be a photographer so I enjoyed just 1 piece of gear and didn’t worry about getting shots…but was ready for the ones that shouted at me to take them. Was fun to say the least.

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