Sunday, August 31, 2008

berry picking with Sarah and Becky

Its that time of year again where we venture to a local farm and pick their crop. You would think that since we do all the work we would get them for free but they still like to charge us, and because Sarah and Becky were in such great moods after picking berries they paid up. It was a lot of fun too, they give you a pint container and you go and fill it with whatever berries you like. This is the same farm that we went apple picking at last year and will probably return again to again before winter. Its called da Eplegaarden (and it helps if you say it with a Norwegian accent)

Technical jumbo: only took one lens (wide/normal) and really tried to work the angles. BDE exposed for the sun and left it…same thinking and exposure as last post too…but this time I had a polarizer.

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