Monday, October 13, 2008

colorful light

Fall color is one of the many things that will draw photographers out of the woodwork. After walking around the UW Arboretum with Daniel last weekend we were walking back to the parking lot when we passed more people taking pictures of the colorful trees than I have ever seen in this park before. What is it about this phenomenon that draws us? What is it that makes us want to “oooo” and “ahhhh” at the marvel of Gods creation? Is there something about the fleeting moment that draws us? Is it the unnatural looking color that screams for attention? Or is it our fascination with dying things? Whatever it is it is pretty good at getting our attention that is for sure.

And to think, this is just the beginning, there are a lot more trees that have not turned yet….

Technical stuff: best results are when you capture good light bouncing off of a good subject, we went out early…although I wish we could have gone out earlier. Since there was a lot of mixed lighing (shade and direct sun) I concentrated on anything with the sun hitting it, and didn’t care for the shadows much at all, therefore I only exposed for the sun and let the shadows go black.

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