Sunday, October 19, 2008

fall soccer

Lea’s (pictured in the red sweatshirt) soccer game last Saturday got us up early on a cold, wet, and fogy fall morning. Taletha, Sarah and I had a bit of fun trying to stay worm, our hot drinks helped a lot, as well as seeing the fog lift and reveal fall colors in the distance. It was a lot of fun for me since I had not seen this team play since last year and it was amazing to see how far they have improved!

Technical: Since I wanted the images to look “cool and fast” I decided to practice my motion blur panning. I played with my shutter speed to get a fair amount of blur (but not to much to blur it completely) for the speed that they were running and I followed the action with my camera, taking pictures at the “normal” peak action time. Because I was panning at the same speed they were passing me I could freeze the action fairly well on things moving slower (like faces) but still get movement on things moving faster (like feet.)

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