Monday, April 18, 2011

glass blowing

Every spring, InterVarsity's National Service Center (our headquarters) puts on an Art Festival and Institute where we all get to show off our artistic abilities and, more importantly, learn from one another in workshops.  Sarah and I attended one on glass blowing last week.  It was a little disappointing that we were not using the big ovens that burn real fire or something that you see in the movies but it was a lot of fun to start small.  One globe even got so big that it was paper thin and started I had to take a more 'artsy' photo of it at the end.

[Tech: For the last photo - I placed the glass on something black so that there would be enough contrast to see it, exposed the ambient  to zero and used a flash, held by my assistant right behind the glass just out of the frame, to back light everything to make it glow.]

PS Not sure why no guys went, with all the 1,000 degree torches around and exploding glass, I feel like it was silly for me to be the only one.

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