Friday, April 22, 2011

camera button friday: all the other buttons

OK, I have done a couple posts on the topic of 'camera buttons.'  But now that I have gone through a couple I don't really feel like there is anything special about the rest.  The modern digital SLR is full of options.  The more advanced your camera the more options you have.  These options are mostly just toys and preferences and do not affect your image...well, unless you or the camera is doing something wrong.  I would say that most of these are personal preference and can change from one good photographer to another.

Therefore I will not even go into them, and 'Camera Button Friday' will focus more (or at least mostly) on the photograph, than the gear from now on.

I hope you are not disappointed in the simplicity.  Really, camera manufacturers are making our menu systems like big grocery stores, giving us so many options we no longer know what we want or what is good.  Most of these options I do not use, the ones I do use are not ever changed once I decide on them.

But I can't just leave you with nothing...

Your homework for the next 'Camera Button Friday' is to watch this video:

(But hey, I may be overlooking something; if you have a question, or something you want to cover, let me know)

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paytonandjennie said...

Loved the video and it seems to resemble a philosophy that was messaged to me on Facebook earlier today. Haha but seriously this stuff is great and thanks for sharing and taking the time