Monday, April 25, 2011

artsy egg dyeing

Dyeing eggs when I was growing up usually meant dunking the entire egg (or sometimes half if we were adventurous) into a vinegar color concoction. This was probably because of my patience and messiness as a kid. But now that we are adults, Sarah makes it into an art project involving paint, cutout patterns, glue, and blown eggs. We invited some of our friends (and their kids) over for an art day that got a little out of hand, especially when Grete and her sister, Sheralynn came over. Both, whom are artists.

Photographically, I was going for the details (obviously) but I focused a little more on form and context instead of just the egg itself.  I also wanted a ‘finished product shot’ so the last 2 photos were posed: I took the eggs over in front of a big window, placed then on some left over white foam-core, and I used an on-camera flash bounced into the ceiling as a very slight fill to the window light.

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