Monday, February 21, 2011

driving to-n-fro: greek conference

Like Sarah and my trip to Arkansas, I kept my camera in my lap for the drive to Greek Conference in Indianapolis. It is always fun to see what images the window frames for you. I was also trying out how fast I could manually spot meter a Canon camera…let’s just say it is like throwing a Frisbee with your left hand (or right if you are left handed.) It was not pretty; when you can fluently handle your other camera system like an extension of your arm, you feel like a piano player wearing mittens.


Steve Salt said...

Love the CulliganMan truck. Classy pic.

M. S. Kirk said...

wow, didn't even notice what kind of truck that was.

you know the rare times when you take a shot and feel like it is a good one, yah that was one.