Friday, February 25, 2011

the advantage of window seats

One of the fun things of travel is the occasional window seat on the plane. Add in clear and bright weather and you have a happy Matt. Flying over the Grand Canyon area (more accurately: the Utah / Arizona boarder, I was looking out the wrong side of the plane for the Grand Canyon) is always good for a couple photos but I have never seen the city of LA like this. As we were driving through traffic we could see for miles to both the mountains and the city, something I do not remember ever being able to do. But don’t worry; a few days later there was snow (yes, snow!) and smoggy haze…that is the California I remember.  Sarah and I are in California visiting Churches that we grew up in and that support the ministry of InterVarsity, so I am sure there will be more images coming from this trip.  Images below look a bit better when you view them large, just click on them.


Adam Jeske said...

Very nice flight shots, Matt. But I know you had to delete 800 to get these. ;) Missin' you back here.

Dougn said...

Matt, i always love your work. This time I espcially enjoyed the Lake Powell-like picture where the canyon shadows were the same color as the water.
BTW, the Polar bear cubs were cute too.