Friday, January 28, 2011

first 2011 roadtrip: garrette's wedding - arkansas

Is it worth it to drive over 1,600 miles (that’s about 30 hours) just to see a friend at his wedding for 3 minutes? Sarah and I did laughed when we asked that question before we left, but we also knew that Garrett’s wedding in Arkansas is just the excuse we need for an adventure. There is something about being forced to sit and observe that calms the stresses of the work week. It doesn’t help that we were enthralled by the temperature changes; 7 below when we left and in the mid 30’s when we arrived, that is like shorts weather! We saw countless birds of prey swooping and diving, the huge Mississippi river, interesting geological changes (my major by the way) that made me wish I knew more, and great big fields of endless…nothing. Looking out a window at an ever-changing landscape is similar to photography; the car window frames each passing second as a unique photograph.

Oh, and Garrett’s wedding was worth going, he is a great friend from college that got me past the initial hurdle of photography questions (back in the film days mind you) and loaned me a camera that got me hooked. He is a great photographer now, and even had a moment in the ceremony where he grabbed a camera and took a self portrait with his bride and the audience. It was a photographers dream too, a glass chapel set in the middle of the woods that look like it was plucked strait from Lord of the Rings.

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