Thursday, January 13, 2011

snow in different conditions

A couple weeks ago, around Christmas time, I went out photographing in different snow conditions; sunshine and then fog. It is really interesting how different light really makes a difference.  Photographing in great evening or morning sunlight is always ideal, and in the snow it really makes things pop instead of having a flat look.  (Here is a post with that flat look) Fog still can make things flat, but adds depth as things become more obscured with distance.  What the fog really taught me was how you need a reference point to show the viewer that the fog is both real and intentional.  Without this reference point, the photo just looks grey, washed out, and like it is a bad rendition of a real thing.  The best reference point in my mind is a human element, but sometimes a foreground stream, a man made building of an open field does just as well.

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