Friday, January 14, 2011

rules, there more like guidlines

No image here for this post, but sometimes I need to remind myself that it is not just your index finger that makes photographs.  Here is a quote I found on one of the blogs I check regularly.

"No literature professor worth his salt would tell you that you should always use certain words and sentence structures in certain situations. Nor would a serious literature student ask when she should use metaphors instead of similes. (Photographic) composition is about taste and unique expression and no book in the world can teach those. It comes through trial and error. You play with the concepts, find where they work for you and where they don’t. Like our spoken languages, you add to your vocabulary one word at a time, you learn to play with the order of words, and eventually to experiment with timing and juxtapositions as you tell, for example, your first joke."       
David du Chemin:

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