Monday, April 26, 2010

some images from my last trip

Here are a couple images from my last trip to Ohio State. I tried to carry my still camera with me more so that I would not forget to take stills while I was shooting video...I still didn't mix the two as well as I wanted. I guess it is really as hard as I am feeling.

Technical: For those that like lighting, here is the video lighting setup for the above portrait; 5 lights total plus daylight seeping in through the window.  the idea was to make it look like there was no lights used.  Key light is a soft box at camera left at 90 degrees, fill is a smaller soft box at camera right close to camera zero, one background light (out of picture below) is camera left hitting the back wall and another is camera right shooting back at us hitting the stack of papers, hair light directly behind subject didn't really do anything, and outside sunlight filling in blue behind.

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