Sunday, April 11, 2010

freezing my subject in warm weather

Over the weekend I taught a workshop at Black Hawk Church (I am part of a photo club there, even though that is not my home church) on freezing your subject. We talked about how you can use shutter speed as well as flash to make your subject freeze in your image. We also got onto tangents like peak action, composition (to make your image look like it is moving), panning with a subject and several other fun stuff. After the mini tutorial we went out to the parking ramp (or parking garage for all my Cali peeps) to try it out.

So here are some behind the scenes shots, I always think it is funny looking to turn around and take a photo of all the photographers taking the same photo, but it is ok here because that was the point. Oh, and that is Steve S jumping off of a low wall for a high speed shot. I took my turn at jumping after him only to split my pants down the back, little embarrassing. Luckily I had a jacket on that I could use a skirt for the rest of the tutorial. That reminds of that time I was in Matt T’s Wedding and right before the reception I….

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