Tuesday, January 12, 2010

sisters coffee

So after Urbana 09, my sister-in-law came home with us (she too attended) and spent the week with us. It was a nice week of movies, relaxing and coffee shops. Here is a string of images from one such adventure in lazy recovery.

This is also another example of the importance of light. There is a large bank of windows behind me bathing her in great soft light. Our closeness to the window makes the light fall off (or get darker) as you look farther behind her. I am beginning to love this light but still struggling to see its beauty before I photograph it. But as a tag to the importance of light, I don’t want to let that overshadow the greater importance of timing and subject. Here the timing tells the story and the subject makes it fun, without this it is just light. A great subject and perfect timing can overshadow bad light, just look at most people’s family photo albums.

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Amy Hauptman said...

haha! i lovers my coffee!! =) fun pics.