Sunday, January 17, 2010

behind the scenes

The behind the scenes from Dottie’s portrait session continues on with the Importance of light theme I have been playing with. All of the photos were taken with natural light, similar to my sister in this coffee shop. Since I wanted a really soft look and I didn’t have a 6 foot soft box, I just placed Dottie on the table next to a big sliding glass door and shot away, the black drape just makes it look cleaner. (look at the catch lights in her eyes!) Like I have said before, subject and timing mean a lot more than light, yes light is good but it is always trumped.

Sorry if you feel like I am beating a dead horse, since I have done so many posts on the subject of light…maybe I should move on. But that would assume I have learned the lesson, it always seems to slip out of my mind though.

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