Sunday, January 3, 2010

back from Urbana 09

I am still recovering from Urbana and its many hours of intensity. God did amazing things and called many to the mission field.
See video from each day here:
Or here if it doesn’t work:
My role at Urbana included running all the videos, transitions and worship backgrounds. “The mortar that holds the bricks in the wall,” as one coworker put it. Since we wanted to utilize a large (18 x 32 feet) screen as the backdrop to all stage activity, we were very intentional about what made it to this background. That was basically my job for the months leading up to and during Urbana; to make that screen work. That is Greg behind me, he ran all the Worship Lyrics.
This is what it looks like out in the “house.” The main screen there in the middle is the Background screen; all the others are “i-mag” (Image Magnification) screens that show cameras and lyrics for people farther from the stage.
Here is back stage, you can see all the computers for graphics in the foreground that include (left to right) the 2 PowerPoint computers, (one for announcements/speaker presentation and the other for lyrics) and then my 2 video computers that lay videos underneath the PowerPoint computers. Also there is a large Spy TV to show us what it looked like out in the house and you can see the back of the "Background Screen." (click to see bigger)
Here is what some of it looked like with the light on.
More later

More of my images here.

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