Saturday, January 23, 2010

more winter scenes

More winter scenes from this outing last week.  I have been trying really hard to capture winter this year, mostly because it is really hard, esp. when it looks so drab at times.  (It might look drab because there is no sun, or at least no mood in light, but that is still just a theory I am testing.) How do you encompass the feel of the cold, the difficulty of walking in the snow and frozen boogers in a single photo?  Here I just looked for little moments and took them as that.

One of my favorite ways to tell a story about a place is to include people in that place enjoying it. Add a human element into a picture and it gains “place” and “meaning” instantly…well at least in my book.  I tried that here, even talked to the first couple below to see if I could photograph and post their images.

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