Monday, September 28, 2009

"backpacking" 4: chocolate water

One of the draws to Pasttison State Park is that it has one of the largest waterfalls in Wisconsin…wait, hold on, Matt is doing a little research…the largest waterfall in Wisconsin and the 4th highest east of the rocky mountains; that is 165 feet. (Now, it is a little stretch because it is a cascading fall, meaning it has a couple levels but all next to each other, but still it is big.) It has really interesting Geology that I will not bore you with here, but the jist is that there was a shelf created by an earthquake that allowed such a drop. The other interesting Geological fact is that the topsoil (deposited a long time ago under an ocean) has minerals in it that make the water run red. So in effect it is like looking at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s sea of Chocolate! Kinda cool. We camped right alongside the river and heard it all night…and best of all, no mosquitoes!!! Do they not like chocolate?

We also drove just a little ways up to see Lake Superior. Now that is a big lake! Can’t see the other side and actually felt like an ocean! In true Great Lakes Fashion, Sarah and I found a lighthouse and walked out to it.

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